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"Nine years ago, three seeds were planted, and now they turn into three roses. Behind the girls have been chosen, their wings of destiny open. Bloodlines and hunters, roses and demons, love is like a symphony playing a melancholy tune."

Welcome to the Vampire: The Masquerade to Vampire Sphere wiki. This wiki is about converting the storyline of theManhua Vampire Sphere (血族禁域Vampire Sphere) serialized in Saloon Music Magazine (飒漫乐画, Sà màn lè huà) into the D10 RPG system of Vampire: The Maquerade.

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Notice; the Wikia is not fully intended to be operational until 2018, but has been set up for editors to experiment with and get some ideas down.

Warning; the storytelling in the VS manhua and VtM RPG both reference sexual undertones such as rape and violence such as physical abuse and murder.

Due to this the wikia is recommended for the age group "Teen" or older.

Spoiler Alert!

Please note before reading further on the wikia, that it contains heavy spoilers!

Readers have been warned, if you do not wished to be spoiled, take caution when reading further on the wikia.

General Notes - How to adapt Vampire Sphere into Vampire: the MAsquerade.

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